Nothing says I should identify as a liberal.

Not even my party registration card.

I was born to a pair of politically active dairy farmers, one a Barry Goldwater Republican, the other a righteous Democrat whose roots lie in Missouri hog farms. Both sides of my family fought in The Revolutionary War, though my father’s side only began speaking English in the early 20th century. I was raised to be fiscally conservative with a social conscious. Personal responsibility was blazoned on every decision I made.

I don’t believe my parents’ perspectives have changed much in the 30+ years since my birth. I’m not sure if I’d be considered a liberal thirty years ago, either. But, here I am. A white woman in her mid-thirties. Married. Graduate work in American Studies. Working for a small agricultural business, milking cows and making dairy products.

Rural Berks County, Pennsylvania has been my home since I was born. It is where I want to stay.